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Call for abstracts l Lisbon, November 21-22, 2022

The third European Conference on Health Care in Prison aims to combinedaily

practice with scientific theory and evidence. The 2022 conference offers space for

discussion and exchange in order to provide the urgentlyneeded answers to key

challenges faced by health care professionals and people living in prison on a daily


The conference wishes active involvement of people from practice, researchand

monitoring, law enforcement agencies, international organisations, NGOs as well

as administrators or people with personal prison experience. We therefore request your

active contribution to the program.

Please submit best practice experiences, research results, new policy

orientations, reviews or other suggestions, such as artistic contributions.

The form can range from a lecture, the moderation of a working group withinput

presentation, short, interactive presentations or a poster.

Thematically your contribution should relate to health in detention and be

assigned to one of the following areas:

o Human rights

o Determinants of health (social, architectural, overcrowding,


o NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases)

o Drug use, addiction and treatment, including harm reduction

o Independent monitoring of places of detention

o Wellbeing of staff

o Interfaces / cooperation inside-outside and throughcare

o Representation of detained persons

Your suggestions :

- mental health issues (psychiatry, isolation..),

- medical and ethical issues related to means of restraint and involuntary treatment

- medical management of hungerstrikers

- infectious diseases, in particular related to Covid-19

- safety management (management of incidents/calamities ofcare,

death in custody, medication safety…)

Please send a short summary (abstracts no longer than 300 words) in English tothe

organization office until June 15, 2022: email, which is also

available for further questions. Please provide your complete contact details when

submitting the abstract (postal address and email) and indicate your preferred

presentation format(s) (poster, oral presentation, workshop or if you don’t have a

preference). Please note that the scientific committee* might not be able to respect

all preferences.

The scientific committee* will assess the abstracts and will send you notification of

your submission by mid/end of July 2022.

If accepted, the scientific committee* will assign the abstracts to the forms of work

(lecture, workshop, short communications, Corner Stone Lab, poster, reading) and

integrate them into the conference program.

For further information and insights into previous congresses and results, we

recommend our website:

*members of the scientific committee: Stefan Enggist (Switzerland), Ruth Gray (United Kingdom),Cyril Manzanera (France), Fadi Meroueh (France), Roberto Monarca (Italy), Linda Montanari (Portugal), Emma Plugge (United Kingdom), Jörg Pont (Austria), Ehab Salah (Austria), Heino Stöver (Germany), Michel Westra (Netherlands), Hans Wolff (Switzerland).

Fadi MEROUEH, HWB President

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