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How do I become a Member of HWB'S?

Mandatory STEP  /!\

If you would like to become and Health Without barriers member and can demonstrate your strong interest for joining the team, please submit your resume, expectations along with a cover letter outlining your applicable skills, knowledge and experience to the President of HWB's  Fadi Meroueh  (

Thereafter, we will give you a response from the Board of Directors and the application form link  to subscribe.

The member’s handbook 2016 gives an overview of the running of HWBs – from the organisation’s structure to a step-by-step guide to internal procedures. Should there be anything that is not clear from the handbook, please feel free to contact the HWBs Secretariat pr fill the form below. 

HWBs works to enhance Prison Healthcare for the overall European public benefit and to enable Prison national-based Health Care Societies and Individual Experts to achieve and exercise their full potential at Member State level by sustaining and developing a networking between and a platform for prison health improvements at European level.

This networking and platform consist of running good practices and trial models sharing, trainings and seminars; organising and moderating working group meetings and discussions; publishing reports on prison health issues and managing an online forum.

Regular Membership 

Regular membership can be held by interdisciplinary national-based organizations, or sub-groups of other bodies within Europe, whose aim is to promote the improvement of the Prison Medicine and Healthcare, and/or those who are engaged in research or development in the field. HWBs accepts only one national Society or Association of Societies as representative of each European Country. Exceptions can be individually evaluated and allowed by the Board of Directors.

Individual Membership

The individual membership is for physicians, nurses, psychologists, health assistants, technicians or field experts, who are actively engaged in European prison health issues, or are interested in working on this field. When there are as many as six individual members from an European Country, where no National Society is already based, they shall be informed and asked to found a National Society within one year period from the application, or else lose their individual membership status. Exceptionally, individual membership can be granted to individuals who are living outside Europe.

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