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PR Hep EU 2

On 14th of September 2016 with the Kick off Meeting placed in Rome we started activities for the Prison and Hepatitis C (HCV) in Europe (PrHep_.Eu2) project .

Targets :

  • To extend and foster the 2014 Pre-Hep co-working pilot model in order to implement the diagnosis of HCV infection among inmates in European prisons and to reduce the proportion of those unaware of their stat us;

  • To identify the reasons for the lack of appropriate criteria for eligibility to treatment and care, mostly among those already aware of their Hcv status providing specific and continuous counselling;

  • To implement among all detained patients, a consistent clinical diagnostic model for Hcv infections

  • To map and identify all the potential candidates for Hcv therapy in selected Eu prisons,

  • To monitor and follow up treatment feasibility to be implemented in prisons

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  • Setting up of National-based PrHep-EU_2 coordination/taskforces. Hwb will act as central coordinator of these national braches across Italy, Netherlands , France and Spain.

  • To develop and implement the proposed pathway based on a more comprehensive data collection and to gather and tackle the different resources,   approaches   and   the   method   already   implemented   in   the   first project.

  • Application of the common pathway: aiming to reduce the bias which is due to a lack of data and/or the miss-execution of the needed screening tests

  • If and where applicable Eligibility to the treatment & Operation Protocols: for the prisoners who were selected to start the treatment, the request to no transfer for the entire duration of the treatment and related SVR control will be communicated to the detention institute;

  • If   and   where   applicable   The   identification   and   communication   of   the reference centers of infectious diseases for possible continuity of care program, will be convened and released



12 months from the date of Starting activities (Kick-off meeting, 14st September 2016)

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