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3rd European Conference on Healthcare in Prison Independent health care for prisons Lisbon |  21-22 November 2022


Adress : Praça das Indústrias 1, 1300-307 Lisboa, Portugal

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Lisbon Addictions is a multidisciplinary conference that provides a forum for networking across the addictions.

Prison health: a whole government responsibility !

Monday November, 21

12:00 Registration

Lisbon Congress Center: Praça das Indústrias 1, 1300-307 Lisboa

13:00 Opening Session:

(EMCDDA’s Director), (SICAD’s Director), (WHO Europe), MoH, MoJ, DGRSP

13:30 1st Plenary Session: Human Rights

Chairs: Elena Leclerc (ICRC), Wolff Hans (Division of Prison Health Geneva University
Hospitals, Switzerland and CPT, Council of Europe)

-Resocialisation in prison - dream or reality? The model of Norway’s Halden prison 
Wolff Hans
- Systemic failures of national prison health systems
De Suremain Hugues
- The role of the Internal Control Service in the Prison System in respecting the
human rights of prisoners and the investigation of criminal offenses in prisons
Shehu Ergys, Management and Analysis Sector in the Directorate of ICSP, Ministry
of Justice, (Albania)

- Raising awareness, identifying and acting to limit detention damage after a period of
Van Netten Mariëlle (Netherlands)

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 2nd Plenary session: Migrants-Gender

Chairs: Linda Montannari, Ruth Gray
Migrant and detention which priority and action for Europe
Alan Mitchell, President CPT, Council of Europe

- Gender perspectives in prison health: Considering the needs of women and
transgender people
Salah Ehab (UNODC, Vienna)

- The health of women in prisons
Triverio Severine, Reignier Sandrine (Switzerland)

- Migrants in the closed family centre and the unaccompanied minors (UM)
Camphuijsen Natascha, Sara Van Vugt (Netherlands)

17:00 Corner Stone

Chairs: Miriam Kasztura and Anne-Claire Bréchet-Bachmann (Division of Prison
Health, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland)

- Elderly detainees
Buijs Kelly (Netherlands)
- Frail elderly prisoners in the Netherlands; how to support them?
Verluis Dirk J (Netherlands)
- A mind-body relaxation intervention in prison
Christel Ding (Switzerland)

- Advantage of telediagnosis and prosthodontics in the dental healthcare pathway of
detained persons at Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone health unit
Mazieres Olympe (France)
- Health behind bars
Allard van het Veld, Janneke Lagemaat-Menzo, (Netherlands)
- Psychologist in prison
Piazza Morgane (France)
- Human rights in prison settings at the time of COVID HRI
- The Risk Screener – Violence: a novel risk screening
Smeeken Marjam, Michiel de Vries Robbé,Marjam Smeekens (Netherlands)
- ADHD in prison: unrecognized and underdiagnosed?
Mocking Renske (Netherlands)

18:20 End of 1st day

20:00 Dinner

Tuesday November, 22


9:00 3rd Plenary session: Infectious disease/Covid

Chairs: Lara Tavoschi, Roberto Monarca

Model Care: elimination hepC in prison.
Meroueh Fadi, Ranieri Roberto
- One year (March 2020 - February 2021) in prisons in Lombardy: the progression of
the COVID-19 pandemic in the prison environment
Ceccarelli Luca (Italy)
- Experiences of COVID-19 isolation in Northern Ireland prisons: a qualitative study
to enable co-design in developing health services.
Gray Ruth
- COVID-19 vaccination in prison settings: a model to design tailored vaccine delivery
Mazzilli Sara(italy)

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 4 th Plenary session: Addiction, Mental Health

Chairs: Heino Stöver – Denis Huber (Pompidou Group)

HRI title to decide

- Reducing health inequalities thanks to nicotine substitutes and ecigarette in prison-
Bonnet Nicolas, Guillermin Bastien (France)

- Buprenorphine Long Acting in prison at VLM.
Mieuset Aurélie (France)
- Dementia in prison?!
Smallenburg Louise
- Using health data to improve decision-making in prison healthcare: the Oporto
Central Prison health profile
Abreu M (Portugal)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 5 th Plenary : Challenges beyond Europe

Chairs: Filipa Alves Azvedo (WHO Europe), Stefan Enggist (Federal Office of Public
Health, Bern, Switzerland)

Moving beyond the politization of same-sexuality and leveraging right to health to
counter HIV in Malawi’s prisons.
Van Hout Marie Claire (UK)
- Understanding and Responding to Substance Use and Abuse in the Palestinian
Refugee Camps in Lebanon Prior to and During COVID19 Times –
AAraj Elie Lebanon
- Making evidence about medication-assisted treatment in prisons: challenges across
regions and ways forward to improve the health of incarcerated people who use
drugs –
Azbel Lyu

- Access to care for drug users incarcerated in Ukraine
Yanina Stemkovskaya

Which Model for Prison Health?


Chairs: Jörg Pont (University of Vienna), Michel Westra (HWB)


Elena Leclerc (ICRC): Conclusions
Hans Wolff and Stefan Enggist: HWB Charter

Round table: HWB (Michel Westra), ICRC (Elena Leclerc), HRI (Naomi), UNODC (Ehab
Salah), CPT (Hans Wolff), EMCDDA (Linda Montannari), Pompidou Group (Denis
Huber), WHO Europe (Filipa AlvesAzvedo and Stefan Enggist).

Visit Lisbon prison

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21 November, 2022





Calçada Marquês de Tancos
Edifício EMEL
Mercado Chão do Loureiro
São Cristovão

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