For decades, the world’s prison population has experienced a constant increase, with an average growth of 25-30% during the last fifteen years.

Every year about 2 million people are detained in European prisons, although, if we consider the high turnover of inmates, about 6 millions of them get imprisoned every year in European penitentiaries.

The elevate number of detainees has largely overtaken the capacity system of their prisons, creating overcrowding and several collateral effects: spread and increase of infectious diseases such as TB, lack of psycho-physical welfare, loss of minimum hygienic conditions etc. all leading to breaches of Human Rights to the detriment of human dignity. Hence, the purpose of the European Federation Health Without Barriers is the not-for-profit promotion of prison health activities.

A particular relevance is given to those activities which are specifically undertaken to promote a healthy prison environment, throughout the work of local health public and private institutions staff, as well as for non-medical prison staff undertaking any position within the prison.

To know more about our purposes, organizational structure and functioning, please find here HWBs statute.