What is HWBs?                                      

Health Without Barriers/HWBs, the European Federation for Prison Health, brings together national-based independent Scientific Societies, in order to promote health and human rights in European prisons, for the benefit of the entire population.

HWBs aims at improving inmates’ health and custody conditions, through the promotion of good health practices, ethical standards for the protection of human rights in prison, research and interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of prison heart.


Since its foundation, HWBs is intended to pursue the following objectives:

  • Promote the Exchange of scientific knowledge, expertise and research in the field of prison health;
  • Develop common European health standards to assure psycho-physical wellbeing in prison environment;
  • Foster the right of equal treatment and access to health assistance conditions for inmates;
  • Propose scientific standards and indicators for the improvement of prison health programs;
  • Develop a conduct code and ethical principles to be shared among prison medical staff;
  • Compare data and disseminate information on good clinical practices currently present at European level;
  • Launch the collaboration and further partnerships with European key-Institutions and stakeholders active in the field of prison health;
  • Promote public awareness on prison issues.